What are the best cheap nightclubs in St. Petersburg?

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St. Petersburg is - hands-down - one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From the Churches as intricate as farberge eggs, to the austere beauty of the Hermitage, to the breathtaking expanse of the Neva at dawn, one could walk the city for an eternity just taking it all in. But you're not interested in all that. You want to get stinking drunk in dirty, cheap nightclubs in St. Petersburg until the bridges go up and you have no choice but to spend the night crawling from shwarma* dive to shwarma dive until a friendly, English-speaking Russian lets you crash in a tiny studio filled with chastnik* drivers. I've got you covered.

The cheapest of the cheap nightclubs in St. Petersburg are located conveniently along a side-street off of Nevsky Prospect, running parallel to the Griboedova Canal, called simply: Dumskaya*. If there are cheaper, dirtier nightclubs in this town, you don't want to go to them. They are AWESOME. The first club that will greet you is Club Fidel, but for the rest of this strip, they're all pretty much the same. This weird, back alley area is a solid block filled with the same cheap, dirty, amazing nightclub. No entry fee (unless you look too much like a naive American), cheap drinks and shots, music from the 80s and 90s, and tons of Russian, Americans, Europeans, Asians, South Americans... you get the idea. And everyone is dancing like they don't have anywhere to be tomorrow. If you're feeling particularly cheap, there's even a tiny produkti* selling all kinds of booze for nothing. By the way, I don't recommend going that route - it led to possibly the single most painful hangover of my life.

Whenever you've had your fill of that scene, you're going to want a quieter bar to pass the rest of the night in. Maybe you've managed to meet one of those gorgeous Russian girls you heard about back in the states - more likely you made a drunken fool of yourself and scared her off. It happens. In any case, head around the corner to Sadovaya Ulitsa and head up a couple blocks until you can take a right on Bankovsky. The street won't be marked (I'm just finding out the street's name now, on Google maps) but that's part of the appeal. You'll see what I mean. On Bankovsky, take an immediate left. Yes. Down that back alley. Now take a right down the even smaller back alley. Don't worry, I'm not going to get you mugged. On your right, you'll see a red basement door that looks like nothing. Open it up, and head into the coolest hidden bar around: NO NAME.

If you're looking for the more typical club experience, try out Radiobaby on Kazanskaya. Huge dance halls, beautiful people, overpriced drinks, the whole deal. I almost got beat up here for peeing on a wall one time. Thankfully I was simply picked up by a veritable giant and moved - mid-stream. If you're into the EDM scene, you should really look for Club Underground. There's a pricey cover charge, but this place is a massive warehouse-style dance club built in an old bomb shelter. The world could end and you wouldn't even know to stop partying.

So, maybe this isn't enough for you. (Maybe you're... collecting cheap nightclubs in St. Petersburg for some unknown reason?) They're out there, and some of them are really awesome. The best way to find them is to get out there and meet some Russians! I know that the stereotype says that Russians are initially cold, but in reality they are some of the most friendly, party-loving people in the world. Have fun, and keep yourself safe.

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