Where should I go when I travel to Eastern Europe?

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Eastern Europe is quickly popping up on more and more travel itineraries as a must-experience destination. Full of history and culture, countries like Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia offer dream experiences for a fraction of the cost you'd see in the more popular Western European cities like Paris, Rome, and Barcelona.

Getting to Eastern Europe is easy, especially if you’re already in Europe. There are numerous discount airlines that offer unbelievable low fares to most major Eastern Europe cities. Or if you'd prefer to keep your feet on the ground, there are plenty of inter-country bus tour companies as well. For accommodations you can book cheap hostels, Airbnb rentals, or even luxury hotels, all for an incredibly low cost.

If you're looking to travel to Eastern Europe, check out these three destinations that are sure to impress!

Budapest, Hungary

Amazing food, romantic views, and beautiful architecture abound, Budapest offers travelers a budget destination packed with some of the best highlights of Europe you probably never knew existed! Whether you're traveling alone, on a romantic honeymoon, or have the whole family in tow, there's something for everyone in Budapest.

Getting to Budapest is easy, whether by plane, train, or automobile. The Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD) is just as short ride from the heart of Budapest. Public transportation is not only efficient, but it's an affordable way to get around the city, as it reaches virtually all of the major tourist areas. If you'd prefer to walk and explore the ins and outs of the cobblestone streets and famous bridges by foot, you'll be pleasantly surprised with how walkable the city is. Most, if not all, of the major landmarks are accessible by foot from the center of the city. So bring your walking shoes!

Separated into two distinct areas, Buda and Pest, the two sides of Budapest are split by the Danube River. The beautiful and historic Szechenyi Chain Bridge makes the connection between the two. On the Buda side, you'll find hills that provide panoramic views of the whole city. While on the Pest side, you'll encounter a bustling city packed with restaurants, cafes, boutique shopping, and museums.

Prague, Czech Republic

Romantic cobblestone streets, historic squares, and a beautiful skyline are what greet you upon your arrival in Prague. Gawk at the extravagant architecture, take a stroll across the Charles Bridge, and enjoy good food and drink to your heart's content. This charming city is full of culture and plenty of things to keep the whole family entertained.

Prague's busy seasons are during the Christmas and Easter holidays, and throughout the summer months. The city is easily accessible from other major cities within Europe, so it's a perfect place to hop on a quick flight and spend a few days in if you're enjoying an extended stay in the EU.

Another walking-friendly city, Prague is best experienced by foot. There are even some free walking tours available in a variety of languages. Most tours leave from the Old Town Square under the Astronomical Clock, so just head over and check out your options for a great way to learn more about the city and its history and culture. Just don't forget to tip your tour guide!

Lake Bled, Slovenia

This absolutely stunning lake nestled in the Julian Alps in Slovenia offers a relaxing retreat if you're looking for a more subdued experience when you travel to Eastern Europe. Just a short drive from Ljubljana International Airport, Lake Bled offers the perfect destination for a rejuvenating break from the stresses of life.

You can rent a room in a Bed & Breakfast, be pampered with a stay in a luxury hotel, or be one with nature camping out in one of the area's numerous campgrounds. Take a stroll along the 6km (3.7 miles) trail that leads you around the entire lake. For a little more strenuous exercise, take a short hike up to Bled Castle for a bird's eye view on the lake and the quaint little town that surrounds it. This fairytale destination is a must-see if you find yourself with a few extra days in Eastern Europe.

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