What is There To Do In Prague Czech Republic?

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Each year, visitors from around the world flock to Prague Czech Republic to get a taste of some authentic Eastern European culture and cuisine. While Prague is known as the "heart of Europe", it is needless to say that there is an endless supply of fantastic things to see and do. The cobble stone roads give travelers that feeling of falling into a fairy tale story with the majestic castle looming in the background. The Czech Republic is certainly one of those countries that has stood the test of time and has preserved the looks and feel of ancient times.

The most famous place to visit in Prague is the section of the city known as "Old Town Square", as this is the area that has managed to keep its historical atmosphere in tact despite many battles and political turmoil Right in the center of Old Town Square is the internationally recognized Astronomical Clock, or "Orloj" as it is known in Czech. This is a particularly unusual clock, because it does not display the traditional time on its face. Every day on each hour, statues of the 12 apostles appear in the windows above the clock to look out and greet the audience below. There are tours that visitors can take that go throughout the inside and even to the very top to get the most spectacular view of the city. Be sure to catch the Saturday night light show that is projected onto the clock's outer walls, as it tells the dramatic, bloody, and romantic history of Prague's past.

Charles Bridge, or "Karluv Most" is another exciting feature in Prague Czech Republic. The bridge connects the old part of town to the area right beneath the Prague Castle, which to this day still serves as the office of the president of the Czech Republic. Each day hundreds of people cross this old stoic bridge to get a good look at the Vltava River and admire the statues of saints that are mounted all along the way. It is no longer acceptable for vehicles to cross the bridge unless they are city official ones, which makes it easy for pedestrians to take their time and enjoy the walk on the bridge. Each day a variety of vendors and artists can be spotted all along the Charles Bridge, and this makes it a fun and festive environment to be a part of.

The Prague Castle is one of the most recognized buildings in the Czech Republic, as it is often depicted in the background high upon the mountain. People are welcome to take tours of the inside to see what it was like during the times when kings ruled the land, and there is a stunning stained glass cathedral that hosts several breathtaking designs in their windows. The castle grounds have also been restored to look like what they did centuries ago, so people can get a feel for what life was like under the reign of the king. There are also marvelously manicured gardens all around the premises which can make anyone feel as regal as they appear.

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